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About Us

Our story

Health and well-being is a subject close to our founder’s heart. As the older sibling of a sickle cell sufferer, she has witnessed first hand the physical pain and mental anguish suffered by those who are living with illness and the knock-on impact on their families. Understanding that there was insufficient economic benefit to find a cure for this illness by pharmaceutical companies, she set out to understand alternative remedies which could improve the quality of life of those living with chronic health conditions. 

This journey would take her back to the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia where she was born, to spend time studying traditional plant medicines with a renowned herbal medicine practitioner. It was here that she saw and experienced first hand the healing benefits of plants, many of which have been used successfully in indigenous communities for centuries. Today, due to the expansion of ethnobotanical research and significant scientific research the use of these plants as therapeutic by traditional healers is supported and expanding. 

Partnering with a prominent business family in the region, she has established secure supply chains, investment in quality control methods, processes and infrastructure for the storage of various herbs and sea moss. Relationships have been established with local farmers who are trained and accredited through government programmes and who are routinely spot checked by both government agencies and the Wyld Herbs local teams. 

At the epicentre of Wyld Herbs is women. The business is owned, managed, and led by women. Both at home and where they work, women bring success.


Plants have been used for centuries for therapeutic and traditional medicinal purposes in Indigenous cultures around the world. Our vision is to bring high quality, modern, safety assured, scientifically backed, plant based therapeutics to every home, helping consumers to live healthy and strong.

Our Products

are all grown and sourced from the fertile and nutrient rich land and seas of St.Lucia and Dominica. Our farms are based in large areas of untouched rainforest and all produce is grown wild without the use of any chemicals or pesticides.

Sustainable & Ethical Sourcing

We are committed to sustainable and ethical sourcing of our products. Our team even ensures that during the wild foraging of herbs, we take no more than 20% of a plant’s leaves ensuring minimum impact on the ecosystem.
Nurtured by nature, all of our plants are grown wild without chemicals. This extends to those permitted in organic farming, and foraged by our local farm workers who have an in-depth knowledge of local plants. We are passionate about maintaining local knowledge of medicinal plants, without exploiting local workers, ensuring they are supplied with adequate living-wages while at the same time ensuring our customers receive the highest quality products. We proudly break traditional compromises.

Quality Assurance Plan

Quality control methods for the collection, storage, production, distribution, packaging and testing of our products is the fundamental foundation of the business.
Our business acumen and professional experience aside, this sets us apart from cottage industry ‘competitors’ in the space. Wyld Herbs is ethically driven and circumspect in our ambition.
A sample of each batch of plant materials will undergo third party independent testing and accreditation at a specialist UK testing facility prior to being accepted for packaging and sale. Testing will be in accordance with the WHO guiding principles for assessing safety of herbal medicines with reference to contaminants
and residues.

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